People begin to gamble for different reasons. Many of them gamble because they want to win big. Some gamble because they want to recover their losses or solve their financial problems. 

Regardless of the reason to bet, some people are unable to limit their betting behavior, and they soon become addicted. The casino companies have taken various measures to prevent compulsive gambling. 

Use of limit setting tools

One of the main contributors to compulsive gambling is gamblers being unable to set limits. They do not limit their bankroll or the amount of time they should be in a casino. Industry players in the casino sector have been keen to take note of concerns raised by the public. 

In particular, an internet casino is the most affected. Due to this, the casinos have partnered with software developers to create the Global Limit Setting tool. Its purpose is to help promote responsible gambling. Using the tool, players’ gambling behavior can be restricted in several ways as follows.

Play limit

The play limit feature helps set the maximum betting amount a gambler can wager at a time. The tool can also be used to limit the amount of time the gambler can spend in a casino at any one time. Many people get gambling addiction due to spending too much time in a casino. This is regardless of whether they are in an online or land-based casino. 

Deposit limit

The tool has a deposit limit feature that limits the highest amount a gambler can deposit at a time. Due to the urge to win big money, sometimes gamblers deposit all their money without considering their other needs and responsibilities. When there is a deposit limit, the gambler can have time to decide if they really need to deposit all their money. 

Loss limit

The loss limit feature limits the losses a gambler can experience at any one session. A gambler could be determined to win at casino blackjack, and he keeps depositing, trying to chase the win. 

Bet limit

This is a limit on the amount of money a gambler can bet at any one time.

Education and treatment

Recently, casinos have implemented a strategy where their customer service teams are trained to identify signs of gamblers developing an addiction. If a customer representative notices those signs, he acts and advises the gamblers to seek help. The assistance can be in terms of counseling or medical. 

Other ways casinos are using are changing game structures, marketing/promotion strategies, and gaming environment as strategies to help limit the increase of compulsive gambling.