The rules of Mau Binh will be updated in detail in this article. To participate in this game smoothly and improve your skills, the best you should know about these basics. This is a highly entertaining and entertaining card. This game not only brings you large sums of money, comfortable leisure time, but also shows your intelligence to the competitors. We invite you to see the most detailed Mau Binh card game rules below.

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The detailed rules of the game

Mau Binh is a 52-card deck of cards. Each person will be dealt 13 cards. The minimum of this game is 2 people and a maximum of 4 people. After 13 cards have been dispensed, players will proceed to draw their cards and arrange cards in the most reasonable way. After the allotted time, the cards will be spent to compare the high and low hands.

How to arrange cards in Mau Binh

The rules of this game are very simple. Each player will arrange their cards to 3 groups in the following order:

  • The first group: 5 cards
  • The second group: 5 cards
  • The last group: 3 cards

Usually, the first group will be the strongest and gradually decrease in strength later. However, there are some cases where the middle group may be smaller than the last group. Arrangement skills are not natural. You will need to learn a lot to get the most out of it. Especially know the rules and martial arts to use them best. Such as:

Mau Thau is an unlinked game card:

“Đôi” consists of 1 pair and 3 odd cards.

“Thú” consists of 2 pairs and 1 odd piece.

“Sám” consists of 1 set of sam and 2 odd cards.

“Sảnh” consists of linked cards in ascending order.

“Thùng” consists of 5 cards of the same suit in 1 step.

“Cù Lũ” includes 1 set and 1 pair.

“Tứ Quý” consists of 1 quarter and 1 card.

“Sảnh rồng” consists of 13 cards arranged in order from 2 to Ace.

How to calculate points Mau Binh game card

The calculation of the winning points is very diverse and also quite strict. Below we send you the most basic ways to calculate the winning cards:

Players will in turn compare the groups with each other. The head group is compared with the head group, the middle group with the middle group, last group with the last group. If the groups are equal, they will share the chickens. If you win, you will gain it all.

In case the card is beaten by Binh Lung, the middle group is stronger than the first, the player will lose in all three groups. You have to indemnify 2 times the amount of the bet increased from the original player’s bet.

If the player loses in all 3 groups with the other 3 players, in this case, you will have to deposit 6 times.

For special cases, we will synthesize and write a separate article for you later. Hopefully, our article has brought the most useful information about the Mau Binh for you. Do not forget to read other articles about our Mau Binh post to know the diverse and complete information about this game card.

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