It is undeniable that the world of sports betting is increasingly present in our lives. There are many people having fun and earning good money betting on the most varied tournaments and events around the planet. If you’ve always been curious about sports betting, you’re in the right place. In this easy guide you will learn a glossary with the main terms of the betting world.

What are bookmakers’ odds?

Before you start betting on Wazobet online betting platform, you need to understand what odds are. Also called “quotes”, odds are values ​​that reflect the probability of an event happening. That is, they translate into numbers the chance of an event happening. In the case of sports, they show the chances of one team beating the other. When two teams face off or two fighters fight in a UFC fight, the chances of both sides winning are rarely the same, right? There is always a team more qualified than the other or a fighter more prepared than the opponent. The odds only turn this favoritism into numbers.

Ways to do registration –

After visiting the website, the registration screen will open. Registration is very quick and simple: just fill in your full name, date of birth, cell phone, email, a password for the account and the currency you want to bet.

After confirming the registration, you will need to register a sequence of four numbers for future verification. Keep this number with care, as it may be that the site will ask you at some point to verify that it is you who are carrying out the transactions in the future. Here you choose the type of bonuses you want to receive: sports betting, poker or casino games. As the idea here is to help you make your first sports bet, choose “Sports 100% Welcome Bonus”

After choosing the bonus, a screen will open with the options to make the first deposit. The options are varied: credit card, bank transfer, and Bit coin, Bit coin Cash and Voucher. Choose the one that best fits your profile.

Bookmaker’s glossary

Learning how bookmakers on the internet works is easy and the same goes for the vocabulary used by bettors. Within a short period, you will be able to understand all the expressions characteristic of the betting world, which will open up a series of new possibilities. That’s because you will get to know all the possible options to make a guess and be able to profit.