To become a better poker player, there is no substitute for practice. But what do you need to do to optimize every poker session and become the poker player you want to be? How can you get the most out of each session?

Be ready to play

Before you begin your climb to poker stardom, first determine what you want to accomplish and then take the necessary steps to achieve it. Poker is the psychological game par excellence and playing with the necessary concentration means taking the right path to improve. You need to feel refreshed and ready to play and, in case you are participating in a tournament, make sure you have enough time.

Don’t participate in all hands

Playing too many starting hands is a mistake that many novice players make. The temptation is to participate in every hand, but any player with some experience would tell you that this can only bring downsides. Don’t be surprised that you only play one hand out of ten and fold the rest of the times. Poker is a game of patience. Just wait for good hands like a high pair or an ace accompanied by a very strong kicker (ace-king or ace-queen) and don’t be afraid to fold when you think you are a loser. You will almost immediately notice an improvement in your results. Later on you can start playing more hands such as small pairs, or 8-9 of the same suit always taking into account your position at the table.

Consider the location

And now the ‘position’, a concept of crucial importance. Being on the ‘button’ in other words being the last to speak in a hand gives you the advantage of knowing your opponents’ moves in advance.

Take note of your opponents

Another weapon to use while playing can be found near the chat window. By clicking on the ‘Notes’ tab you can take notes on how your opponents play. They could be ‘tight’ (closed), ‘loose’ (playing a lot of starting hands), aggressive. For judi online poker these are the most essential steps that you can opt for now.

Be mentally strong

Of course, you have to pay a price to improve and we’re not just referring to fake chips. Sometimes you will think that you have been incredibly unlucky, for example when your pair of aces is overtaken by someone who with a starting 5-8 will hit two pair on the turn and river. When this happens, you must always keep in mind that this is not bad luck, it is simply statistics. The best hands can be beaten, but whenever this happens to you, it will also happen to your opponents. Don’t let this cause you to go ’tilt’ a situation where you lose the ability to make the right assessments. It is not an easy thing, and you will notice it, but it is another mark of distinction between the good player and the beginner.

Remember, what matters is having fun

But in the beginning, the most important thing of all is to have fun when playing. It won’t do you any good to apply all of the above if playing becomes a chore and you do it unwillingly. Gradually apply the concepts you learn to your game and master each of them. You will soon notice the difference and this can only make playing poker more fun. This can’t be a bad thing, and having fun is a good sign that you are starting to get better.