Many casual or regular players covet the dream of one day living in sports betting. Free yourself from a boss, get out of the metro work sleep routine, become independent have to give you a luxurious life. So many concepts that make you dream more of one. 

Are there many professional bettors

At the risk of disappointing you, there are very few professional bettors. Several reasons explain this, and even if some earn a lot of money in sports betting. They did not dare take the step of leaving everything to live exclusively in Bet at Home. It is difficult to obtain precise figures from bookmakers. Still, according to several sources, he estimates the number of winning players at only 2%. The winning does not mean winning thousands or millions of Euros. Only a handful of the 2% winning players are professional bettors. The dream is, therefore, not impossible but very complicated to achieve. What makes the difference between a losing player and a winning player? What is the difference between a player who earns a few hundred euros a month and one who makes a living? Sometimes little, but the step to take is difficult and requires certain faculties.

‏The necessary skills of a winning player

This may seem logical you have to be a great connoisseur of one or more sports in Bet at Home app. But if this single skill was necessary, then there would be many winning players. This is not the case because the sport always holds its share of surprises. The greatest quality to have is what is called bankroll management. Knowing how to manage the capital that will be used to make your Online Casino bets, in the same way as a trader, will manage capital in stock Exchange. This skill lacks in more than 90% of players; some even ignore it completely, while others have good bases but lack mastery. If you don’t know how to manage your bankroll, you have no chance of winning at sports betting.

The pros and cons of life as a sports bettor

Let’s start with the advantages that you surely imagine very well. The one who comes back most often is to no longer have to work in the proper sense of the term. Being under the orders of a boss for a job that you do not necessarily like bring us neither personal nor financial satisfaction. Another advantage is the feeling of freedom you can have, not owning anything. It also has more free time to enjoy family, things a man can know. But behind this idyllic portrait hides a darker face, friends, playing sports, activities going on a trip. Living with your passion is one of the most beautiful.

On the one hand, it is very complicated to make family and friends accept this way of life. Socially it is therefore not easy to answer the famous question of what do you do for a living. Without having the right to all kinds of prejudices and dumbfounded looks.

‏Techniques to win at sports betting

To win at sports betting, you have to know how to manage your bankroll. There must also be a well-defined strategy, which must not be waived under any circumstances. Wagering techniques, there are dozens different. Some are going to get a bet bonus, combination bets or others in system bets. Everyone will choose the type of bet that suits them best. There are also advanced strategies on the type of prognosis single chance, double chance, goal scorer, handicap, and numbers of goals and also on wagering single management bets, rising, martingales, and covers. The set of existing possibilities, the advantages and disadvantages of each possibility would require much more than one article.