It is important to set a 안전 놀이터 sports betting limit to play in the martingale, especially if you are going with a big initial bet. For example, limit yourself to 3 steps. If you lose your first 3 bets, then it makes sense to stop there so as not to risk losing more money.

Reduce the amount of the multiplier

To reduce the amount of your multiplier, you will have to do a martingale on higher odds. For example, it can be interesting to try a martingale on draws (in football) generally quoted at at 3.00. So your coef. will only be 1.5.

It is certainly more difficult to pass this kind of odds but your bets will not increase dramatically. Again, you have to know how to stop at the right time. Don’t risk losing everything.

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Betting on tennis can be very interesting because it is a sport where there are only 2 possible betting outcomes: 1 or 2, Over or Under 20.5 games, player 1 wins at least 1 set: yes or no, etc. This sport may therefore seem simple to bet but in reality, it is another story. On the other hand, by reading this article, you will be able to learn to bet well on tennis in order to win your sports bets more often. Even discover an infographic of the 5 essential criteria to analyze for a tennis match .

To bet on tennis, you have to know it

Before you start betting on tennis, make sure you have a fairly solid knowledge of the sport. Tennis is a very different discipline from other sports such as football. By betting money on a tennis match, you will mostly play on 1 player because it is an individual sport. On the other hand, betting on football amounts to betting on a team and therefore a collective. If a player on the team is not in good shape, he has 10 teammates to help him. On the contrary, if a tennis player is having a bad day, no one is there to support him.

Having knowledge of tennis involves monitoring players’ performance closely. It is necessary to be interested in the news of the players and to watch some matches to progress further.