Therefore, you should visit the mobile side of online casinos to see if they offer separate free spins that can only be played at a mobile casino.

The new online casinos have been optimized to work on mobile devices right from the start and most of the new games worked perfectly on mobile casinos. Mobile gamers already have their own online casinos, which have the opportunity to get their own casino bonuses and free spins.

Mobile gaming in 먹튀 검증 has exploded in recent years and more and more online casinos will also focus on increasing the mobile side, so you should keep an eye on that side also, if good benefits and excellent interest.

Frequently asked questions about free spins

Can the winnings of free spins be cashed indefinitely?

Unfortunately, winnings from free spins cannot be repatriated indefinitely in general, but there are a few exceptions. Most online casinos have set a limit on the amount of money that can be withdrawn without a deposit.

Usually the amount is 100 – 1000 euros, but a few sites have seen withdrawals of only 50 euros without a deposit of the profits made.

Money that cannot be withdrawn is, of course, playable at an online casino, but this is worth considering if you have really big pots in your dreams without making a deposit.

If I don’t get free spins?

If the requirements for the free spins cannot be met within the required time, be it due to forgetting or clotting, then the end result is always the same: the online casino will void the amount of money won in the free spins.

Therefore, the free spin recycling requirements are almost more important than how many rounds of free play can be obtained from the potential. Impossible recycling requirements mean that nothing can be taken home from free spins.

Is it possible to choose a game where free spins are awarded?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose for yourself which game free spins will be awarded. Online casino partners determine the offers and games where free spins are offered for play . For this reason, free game spins are often awarded for the same familiar games, and that’s not a bad thing!

While it’s nice to try new games, you’ve found that free spins get the most out of a couple of games that are already familiar.

What to consider when choosing free spins?

If there are several options for free spins, then you should evaluate the following variables:

  • Is it possible to get free spins free of recycling? These are the best option whenever possible.
  • What are the worth of free spins awarded? The value of a round determines how much it can win per game round.