Bingo is a relatively simple game that can result in significant wins for players. The answer is mainly based on the size of the bingo venue and the total amount (if not all) of money accumulated from ticket sales. This means that if you are in a small town or a bingo hall in a rural area, your prizes will probably be lower than in bigger towns or cities where gambling is legalised.

Similarly, given that playing online has grown in popularity, it is now possible to play online bingo at reputable sites like those that can be found on, where players can often win larger prizes by joining tables with more players and ensuring they have a safe wagering experience.

Here we are going to discuss some of the biggest pots of Bingo.

John Orchard: £5.9 Million

John Orchard, a former factory worker over 60 years old, saw a transformation in his life in December 2012. John was using a 30p stake in an online bingo game. He had no idea that a tiny sum of cash would result in a payoff of £5.9 million that day, making him an overnight billionaire.

With so much cash, he went on a spending spree, buying the family vacation to Center Parcs, a Jaguar XF, a house in Lincolnshire, and several gifts for his friends and acquaintances. John stopped working at the Job Center and supported himself with his compensation.

Georgios M: £5.1 Million 

Georgios M, a Greek player who won a sizable prize in an online bingo club, gave little facts about his circumstances at the time. The only thing known about him was that he was 36 years old when he received £5.1 million. Whether Georgios invested his earnings in opulent extravagances like Orchard or launched his business, he consistently ranks among the most well-known bingo payoff winners.

Lisa Potter: £1.3 Million

Lisa Potter never showed any interest in sports. Instead of watching games on TV with her husband, Lisa, who was bored, strolled over to Ladbrokes and played £5 on bingo. That fiver resulted in a staggering payment of £1.3 million. There are no signs that Lisa will start attending football games, but the enormous bingo payoff would allow her and her family to improve their lives.

Soraya Lowell: £1.2 Million

Soraya Lowell used to clean other people’s houses, but that profession stopped when she won £1.2 million at a cash bingo game. Together with Agnes O’Neil, her bingo partner, she split the $1,000 prize. Soraya declared bankruptcy that year after spending her earnings in less than four years.

Christine Bradfield: £1.1 Million

Since over ten years ago, Christine Bradfield has consistently attended a neighbourhood bingo hall. She experienced one of the best surprises of her life in January 2008 when she won £1.1 Million at bingo. She kept working at her part-time job despite winning. Christine was ten years away from retirement age at the time when she was 53 years old.


The main lesson is that playing smartly and consistently winning often depend on personal tracking. Above mentioned are the top 5 bingo winners of all time. Like anything that involves money, there is something extraordinary about these winners who were truly lucky on their winning occasions.