Gaming often goes through big changes to core mechanics and design to deliver something new and something exciting for new and experienced players alike, but there are certain things that stick around for a more permanent period of time – one of the big mechanics in gaming comes from random number generation, and for those who are used to playing on older physical gaming machines first making the transition to online or newer digital machines it can be something a little confusing to understand, so what should you know about RNG and how it could impact your gaming experience? 

The first thing to understand is what it actually is – in the simplest sense it’s anything that may require a certain decision to be made, a random roll is applied. For online casinos in particular, this has changed many of the most popular gaming options – whilst slots have long been the most favourite of all games for online players, they are statistically the worst for paying out solely for the randomness, each spin applies RNG to each reel meaning there’s no way to determine or use skill to win a spin, and with modern options allowing extra reels or extra spins your chances only often decrease. 

But how does this impact more competitive titles? In the simplest way, the way RNG applies to certain gaming mechanics is just reduced. Take big competitive games in things like esports for example, whilst the majority of actions may be pre-determined, there may be one or two key mechanics that rely on RNG instead to keep something competitive but with a sense of chance too, and it’s this chance that has enabled the biggest services at grow by keeping the games as interesting as possible. 

There is the other side of the coin too where RNG actually behaves in the players favour too – take another of the casinos favourite games in Blackjack – online options often have the shoe loaded with multiple decks, particularly visible for live dealer titles, and where older more traditional options would mean that there is some ability to determine possibilities for what the next draw could be probably better known as card counting, modern options mean that each card drawn is truly random which operates in the players favour, and it’s important to understand RNG to know where else this could be possible. 

It has become such an important part of modern games that it certainly isn’t going anywhere and is something you have to operate with, as such rather than considering a loss because of just bad luck, instead understand what RNG is and how it applies to certain games, and you may be able to find hidden winning opportunities where others may be left scratching their head at how things still come up so random.