Bingo is a game that’s enjoyed all across the world. Millions of people enjoy playing bingo every year, and it’s been that way for almost 100 years. What many people don’t realize is that the version of bingo played is different depending on where you are in the world. There are quite a few different variations available for players to enjoy, but the main two variants are US and UK style bingo.

Both of these variations are available for players to enjoy at several different outlets. You will easily find somewhere to play this popular game, from dedicated bingo halls, or if you prefer using the internet, perhaps at one of the best NJ online casinos. Whichever you choose, you should understand the difference between the two games todecide which one you would rather play.

US Bingo

US Bingo is the original version of the game. That might come as a bit of a surprise as it’s commonly thought to have been developed in the UK. The truth is that bingo was created in 1929 in New York. A toy seller developed US Bingo after he saw a version of the game being played at a local carnival.

The most significant difference that US Bingo offers to players is that it uses 75 balls and a more detailed card to play. The 75 balls mean that the wheel can present many different options, but the card also has the word bingo spelled out at the top. That means that certain balls can only go in certain positions, adding an extra layer of skill and enjoyment to the game.

Bingo is also a lot more competitive and serious to US players, with players using multiple bingo cards simultaneously. The bingo experience is even more advanced when screens are used to show players what’s happening on every draw.

UK Bingo

UK Bingo uses 90 balls instead of 75. The card is also a lot more simplistic. Bingo took a considerable downturn in the UK at one point, but it’s managed to recover to become a hugely popular game once again.

The use of 90 balls means that the games can take a bit longer than the US version. It is also harder to win when playing UK Bingo. As already mentioned, US players take bingo a lot more seriously than UK players, so the game is a little more chilled out.

Which can you play?

Due to technology, you can play both versions of the game. Online casinos give players the option to play either US or UK Bingo when choosing a game. There are also other types available, although these sometimes have different names.

US players will be most likely to choose the US version of bingo. That is due to familiarity and the fewer balls that are used. However, the UK version can provide some fun, so if you feel like a change, it’s well worth trying it out.