The handicap betting is the advantage or disadvantage that an athlete or team is given in a fictitious way to level or make the betting around the event more attractive. It can be negative or positive and, depending on the sport in which it is applied, the main purpose is to give the bet an added attraction and increase the options for the bettor.

Let’s take an example: imagine that Manchester City plays at home against a 3rd division rival. A bet on 1X2 loses a lot of interest due to the level difference between the teams. If we establish a handicap of two or three goals of fictional disadvantage against City, then we create a more even and competitive environment that is also reflected in the betting odd to seek a value share.

How Does Handicap In Betting Work?

We will look at all types of handicap in betting and possible cases related to the handicap. The European, the Asian handicap, double, the different ways of naming them and more types that you can find in-game operators that offer Free Spins Casino.

Handicap And Asian Handicap: Differences

We are going to differentiate between European and Asian handicap. To speak of handicap in betting is to speak about that fictitious advantage or disadvantage before the event. But in sports betting, it is essential to understand the possibilities of one and the other concept to be clear in which markets you deposit your money.

The main difference is the fact that in the European handicap (or simply handicap) you will always have three betting options and in the Asian handicap, you will only have two.

In the Asian handicap, there is a possibility of a bet return, and in the European handicap, your bet will be settled as a winner or loser with no possibility of a refund.

From here, we will see all the particularities and differences between both concepts. There will be those who prefer to use only one handicap class or are willing to adapt to each one of them.