The more than 1000 single bets generated an ROI of + 8% on average and the more than 500 handsets, + 2% on average. Out of tipsters, 7 of them get more profit thanks to single bets against 3 which are more profitable with combined bets.

The survey that we conducted is far from complete and should be extended to a larger number of tips and tipsters. On the other hand, it allows us to conclude (on our scale) that single bets are more likely to generate profitability in the long term.

In general, when you go to a platform like the tipsters who have the best ROI are those who favor single bets over combined bets.

Our advice to optimize your chances of winning

As we have seen previously, it is not easy to know which formula is the best to generate the most profits. It will partly depend on you and how you play. However, we were able to observe (thanks to our survey) that single bets were the most profitable.

It is therefore natural that we will recommend that you play more single bets than combined 먹튀검증업체 bets. A tip to maximize your profitability: try to play odds that are as close as possible to at 2.00. Why? At first, you have the opportunity to double your bet. And secondly, you only need 50% success to at least reimburse your bets.

Regarding combined bets, we advise you not to combine more than 3 games between them. The ideal would even be to combine only 2. Remember that the more selections you place in your handset, the less chance you have of seeing your winning bet. It’s mathematical. Remember, a combined bet of 4 selections of at 2.00 odds each (or a final odds of at 16.00) has an average of less than 5% chance of winning.

The little trick to balance the profitability / risk ratio with handsets: choose 2 selections that you will combine to obtain a rating of at 2.00. The goal is to combine them 2 odds which have a good probability of taking place to double your bet without taking a very big risk.


Single bets can bring you more returns than combined bets and vice versa. There is really no rule to tell the truth. Be aware however that in the long term, it is through simple bets that you will be able to get the most benefits. The probability that a single bet will win is on average greater than that of a combined. And it is indeed this percentage of success that can make the difference over a long period. Combined betting enthusiasts, don’t despair. If your strategy is good (for example, 3 selections max. For a rating which approaches at 2.00), there is no doubt that you will also manage to make a lot of profits.