Value bet is a method that uses your analytical skills and your experience. It takes a long time but very often it is worth it because in the long run you will become a winning bettor. By betting on a value bet, you do not increase your chances of winning but you considerably increase your hopes of winning. 

Little reminder

Don’t forget to join and be careful in your estimates before placing your bets.

The rating site provides very useful options for finding the right moves to play.

To conclude, these 2 파워볼사이트 sports betting techniques require a little time before mastering them completely. However, with a little experience, they will certainly allow you to earn money in the long term.

Are you new to sports betting and would you like to know more about the calculation of bets for your bets? What are the criteria that determine the bets you place on your bets? You will find all the answers to your questions in the following paragraphs. In addition, at the end of this article, we invite you to use our “Bet calculation” tool.

Sports betting calculation method

First criterion for calculating the stake: your bankroll

Indeed, one of the most important criteria, to calculate the stake that you will have to place on such or such bet, is your (sum of money devoted to your sports bets). Your bets must be established in proportion to the capital of your bankroll.

We recommend that you do not exceed 10% of your capital per bet in order to limit excessive losses as much as possible.

Example: If the capital of your bankroll is € 100, never bet more than € 10 on a single bet. Beyond that, you risk saying goodbye to your bankroll fairly quickly in the event of a bad patch.

Second criterion for the calculation of stake: your confidence (on a bet)

The calculation of your bet on a bet will also depend on your confidence. If you estimate that your “PSG victory” prognosis has an 80% chance of passing, you will have to bet X% (refer to our calculation calculation at the bottom of the page) of your bankroll on this bet. The higher your confidence is, the higher will be your stake and vice versa.

For information, we assume that it is impossible to have 100% confidence in a bet given the random factor of sports betting. We recommend that you avoid overconfidence!

Why calculate the bet for your bets?

It is very important to rigorously manage your bankroll and establish regular monitoring of your sports bets in order to bring out positive and negative things. The calculation of all your bets is therefore an essential step to comply with the rule mentioned above.