Poker is a game with many formats and variables. However, there are some strategies and theories that can be applied to any modality. Whether No-Limit Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha, or Stud, these concepts are important for any player. Therefore, pay close attention to the following tips, regardless of the type of 99poker you prefer. You must understand that your position at the table directly influences the type of hand you should play. A set of hands in poker is called a range. The range of hands varies widely depending on your position at the table. This means that you will be more or less active based on where you are sitting.

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UTG and UTG + 1

They are the two worst positions in poker. Therefore, you should play few hands when you are in this situation. Avoid making calls and protect yourself from further raises by being meticulous. Play only medium/high pairs and combinations like Ace and King, and King and Queen. When you enter a hand, you will probably have to play post-flop first, which is a drawback in poker. Agen poker online is an information game, and playing first gives your opponent information about your hand.

MP and MP2

These are complicated positions to play. It is advisable to have a slightly wider raise range, but still be cautious. These hands are called suited connectors, which refer to connected cards of the same suit. Suited connectors are good hands to play because they increase your chances of hitting a straight or a flush. A good tip is to play between ⅓ and half of your suited connectors when in those positions.

Hijack and Cutoff

Having the lead is always important, as it sets a standard. It is not always necessary to have good hands to rise in these positions. If everyone folds before you play, consider rising with hands like J8, J9 and T7. If any player has already risen, think carefully before taking action. After all, there are good chances that the player who rose has a strong hand. Choose to call with decent hands, like QJ and middle pairs.

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As this is the best position in poker, it is also the one where you will play the most hands. It is recommended to raise 90% of the time when the hand folds to you. Playing aggressively from the button is essential, as you will always be the last to play. This advantage allows you to follow all your opponents’ actions before making a decision.

Small Blind and Big Blind

These positions have their pros and cons. On the one hand, you have the advantage of having already placed a mandatory pre-flop amount. That is, calling raises is cheaper. The downside is that the mandatory bet ends up costing you when you get bad hands. The big blind and small blind are the first to play post-flop. The tip in this situation is to “defend the blinds” whenever possible, by calling raises with decent hands. Do not feel prevented from folding. Sometimes you have to not get attached to the chips and say goodbye to them without a fight.