Whilst the popularity of online casinos has continued to surge over the past few years and the number of different games available have started to number in thousands where you can find a list of casinos here offering the bigger variety, certain games still remain at the top of the list with blackjack typically ranking in number one – but what is it about blackjack that leads it to being the most popular for new and experience players alike, and can it be dethroned from its position at the top?

It’s easy to play – Perhaps the most notable reason for the success of blackjack is how easy it is for players to approach – for new players there’s not much to learn to get started and the basics are quite cut and dry, and for experienced players who have a little more knowledge around the game it’s much easier to play the nuances for more success too. It doesn’t matter the theme or style you play either, the game remains the same and as such practice will only continue to improve your game, regardless of how the game looks.

Statistically the best odds of winning – Secondly, there’s plenty of information around the odds for casino games too, and blackjack routinely comes to the top of the list of providing statistically the best odds of winning – for those largely looking at playing to win this will certainly provide a big draw as it encourages players to bet on something more likely to pay out than something further down the list with statistically worse odds. Whilst in some regards there is some skill involved in knowing how to play certain situations, you’re only playing against the dealer and not some seasoned veteran poker star or some random machine with no determination of how to approach the next spin, and these all increase your odds.

A huge number of strategies to help you out – It’s always easier to part with money if you have a decent enough approach to guarantee in some sense a level of return, and there are a huge number of strategies out there that provide tactics on how to place your next bet depending on what cards are already with the dealer and in your own hand too, this can help increase your chances of winning alongside the already higher possibilities from blackjack odds as a whole.

With the big changes in gaming options with the likes of live dealers and a potential future for VR and AR gaming, blackjack will continue to only grow in popularity with the growing audience for these online gaming platforms too, and certainly more strategies that come along with those seeking out new exciting options.