Many of you might have seen that online casinos are in a spurge and there are numerous websites that offer to be authentic sites. However to utter disappointment many of them turn out to be rigged and players end up losing all their money. In such cases it is always advisable that you do your research well and then invest. Just because the entire system is carried out online, the chances of losing out money are much higher than normal.

Top 5 online casinos:

Some of the most prominent and trustworthy sites for casinos include:

  • Casino Planet: This one is a great platform for amateurs as well because they offer huge joining bonuses. It is quite trustworthy and easy to play on this particular website.
  • Betway: If you are looking for the perfect site for authentic casino games, Betway is the one. There are always games running and you could choose one depending upon your own convenience.
  • Royal Casino: They have been in the news for quite some time now because of their quite a good review. Many have claimed that they are currently the top and best rated online casinos. The entire system is also proctored to avoid any discrepancy.
  • Spin Casino: If you are someone who loves with real money, this one is the perfect. The payment gets credited in your account within a couple days without going through any added toil. The great win rate is a self acclamation of how well managed the entire process is.
  • Luckster: Although a new one in the alley, Luckster has been favouring quite some luck. There are always more than a hundred games running and you could easily play and win.

Another great choice for global players is  superitc slot games. If you are a little well versed, you could really take the onus effortlessly.