Betting on the number of cards and corners in football, which collect to a total variety of reserving factors, has actually become of the most preferred markets recently. The principle is simple – you bet on the number of cards and/or edges in a football match, as opposed to going with a normal final result, over 2.5 objectives.

Most of the players who are approaching the world of judi bola for the first time do so by betting on which team will win a certain football or basketball game or which tennis player will take a match or manage to win a tournament.

However, there are many more open markets in each event and control them all, or at least the majority is vital to becoming long-term winning players. One of those markets is that of the cards shown in football matches, a circumstance that must be well mastered because it can produce multiple benefits.

Cards Betting

There are some direct card markets such as the number of cards received a game, gamer to receive a card, team to receive the greatest number of cards in a video game, as well as group to receive the very first card.

How Do You Bet On Cards

When analyzing each game, the bookmakers analyze the participating teams and the referee’s history to establish a line. It is usually between 4 and 6 cards per game, but it depends on each game.

Depending on the bookie, each yellow card is normally counted as 10 points, while the red cards are counted as 20. That means that if the line is 45 points, you will have to bet on whether 4 or fewer cards will be shown in the match or, on the contrary, the collegiate shows 5 or more cards. The maximum for each player is 30 points, so if a player sees two yellow cards and, therefore, one red, he will add 30 points. If we bet on over 45 points and the referee shows 3 yellow and one red card, we will have won a winning bet by adding 50 points.

It may also be that bookies offer Asian handicaps in the card market. For example, they can place the line at 50 points: that means that if there are exactly 50 points per card, it will be considered void: for it to be over, 60 or more points will have to be shown, while to be under, no more than 40 can be seen points.