Want to play at the casino and need some tips to win more? You got it right because here you will find 8 tips on this topic. We would not call them tips to win because at cheats, unlike poker, betting or even Blackjack, there are not so many tips, but rather tips that do not make you say “I lost everything in the appliances”.

Do not stake more than 1-2% of the bank per spin

If you have 100 dollars it would be ideal not to play more than 2 dollars / rulet siteleri spin. The winnings will not be the greatest, but the chances of getting to the bottom of the bag quickly and then making a new deposit fall.

Do not vary the stakes very much

Well, you cannot do it if you take the advice 1. If, however, you do not heed my advice is not to play 5 hands for 1 dollars, 10 hands for 5 dollars, 2 hands for 10 dollars, etc. There are chances that on 5-10 dollars it will not give anything, and on 1 dollars it will catch a line of seizures and it will be frustrating.

Learn when to stop

I do not necessarily mean money, because everyone has to play only as much as they can afford to lose, but at the actual playing time. If you sit for more than an hour in a game session and this thing is constantly happening you will increase the risk of becoming addicted. Try to set a goal, such as “playing Sizzling Hot 20-30 minutes a day”.

Put your winnings aside

Even if these winnings at online casino games are there, written on the monitor’s screen, they are actually your money. It’s like having them in a bank account. That’s why when you manage to win, put that money aside as if it were your money.

Don’t double to big winnings

You can try to double when you catch 2 cherries or possibly 3 cherries / lemons / plums, which is the worst paid hands at Sizzling Hot deluxe, but otherwise it would be best to collect the winnings.

There is no “I won, raise the stake or did not win, increase the stake”

In the past, we was walking quite a bit through the betting agencies and we saw players playing tricks that said to others “get on this machine because it gives the world” or “don’t get on this machine because it gives nothing”.

Yes, every casino game, even online, has a payout, but those theories that some have are not standing. It can happen to play 2 hands with small stakes and give yourself 4 draws and then play 100 hands at medium (not big) stakes and not get out of cherries and lemons. It is also valid.

Do not play when you are nervous, thinking elsewhere, you have consumed alcohol etc

To limit casino losses and, why not, to win it is necessary to play only when you have the necessary disposition. If Barcelona took you out of a ticket for winning bets of 10,000 dollars we would put your hand in the fire that if you enter a casino session you will lose a lot.

Set a deposit limit if you think you have a problem with online casino games

  • Ideally, you should stop playing at all, but if you cannot refrain, you can see that at online casinos there is the possibility to set a maximum limit that can be set (per day, week, month).
  • If you take into account all these tips you should increase your winnings and reduce your losses at casino games.