Was it a long week at work? Just got off from a big project and want to ease off some time? Weekends usually end in the same monotonousgrocery shopping, cleaning or binge watching our favourite shows!

You might think that an enjoyable weekend equals to going on an adventure or taking a trip, but you can just make it enjoyable at your home! There area lot of things you can do – playing rummy online, for instance, is a great way to enjoy your weekend!

The gaming app is based onthe traditional game of rummy!You also get to earn money if you are good at the skill of observation and probability of cards! You get to use your math skills from your work and natural grasping power to win this game easily.

Rummy is a personal game for a lot of Indians – from playing it at holidays to family vacations, we have all enjoyed the game! However, we have also gone out of touch as it has been a long time since everyone from the family or friends had the time to sit down together play at least one game.

Though your friends/family may not be available anymore, you can make this weekend count by playing rummy online through the app with a set of gamers at the table.

What To Keep In Mind While Playing Rummy?

For starters, when you play rummy through the app, you have to make sure of the following-

  • Always align a pure sequence

Rummy is a game based on skills, and you cannot finish a rummy game until you possess a pure sequence. A pure sequence is formed by combining consecutive cards from the same suit.

  • Keep track of your opponent’s moves

If you can track down your opponent’s cards from the discards section, you can find what he/she is trying to settle down for. Once that is found, you can block their win by using one particular card that they will need to form a pure sequence.

  • Be Unpredictable

While you are reading your opponents, there are high chances they are following the same strategy of reading you to push you out of the game. Make sure you pick more cards from the closed deck and avoid taking cards from the discarded section. That might presentyou as a really skilled player in front of your opponents.

  • Take care of your jokers!

Jokers are saviours in a rummy game. If you have enough jokers in your hand, you can make multiple mix-match sequences and sets. This method will help you score more and hit the strike with zero points. Never underestimate (discard) your joker card!

  • Zero Points

You must finish the game with zero points before your opponents do. It is better to lose with minimal pointshen you are not winning. Never obsess with big value cards if you cannot make a sequence or set out of it! It is for the best to get rid of the high cards first-hand itself.


These are the points to be remembered while playing Rummy. Since it is online, it is your wish to stake the money or not. Though, as the tables change your competitors may change. It is important to remember the facts mentioned above while playing Rummy.

The rules and regulations are quite strict in the online platform. You don’t have to worry about getting ripped off your money. The application restricts anyone from foul play, and it is always a fair and square game with your wit.