Always be aware when betting on a European handicap, so that you are not surprised at the final result of your bet. The learning is that you always look for the best odd. It is not consistent to bet on a team that is being criticized, which accumulates bad results. Unless you have information and a basis on which things will change, the latest replay poker games are a crucial factor in getting a good idea of ​​how a particular team will play the next game.

Don’t underestimate the performance of recent games

Because football is a time for 99% of the world’s players and teams. This 1% left over is the exceptions, such as Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and their teams. And even these soccer-dominated players have bad times.

Messi went through a four-game fast before hitting his career goal 500, a fast that has not been in his career since 2011. Cristiano Ronaldo’s drought-scoring drought at the Santiago Bernabéu was five games, broken in November last year. In case of 먹튀검증 site this is important.

These two football geniuses sometimes live bad days, and so do their teams

Real Madrid in January saw their unbeaten 40-game streak end after being beaten by Sevilla. The thud was big, so much so that in the next game the team lost at home in the Copa del Rey to Celta de Vigo.

With Barcelona the fast was 39 matches without losses, but then came Real Madrid himself and broke that sequence in April last year. After that, a team that didn’t lose long ago was defeated three times in four games: barcelona-sequence. A list of the bonuses of the websites we work on. 

What we mean by that?

To point out that football is a moment, and that even if the geniuses of football and their powerful teams are shaken with low performance, imagine who is a deadly relay.

  • So whenever you think about placing a bet try to know the performance of the last games, how is the team morale.
  • Also look for the likely team roster for that game, whether to keep the team that achieves good results or whether there will be changes, as the absence of a major player can greatly change the characteristics of a team.
  • Also try to find out what people directly linked to the club are saying, such as coaches, players, journalists and even fans.


We’ve broken down two tips for what to connect with when reviewing recent team performance:

Do not bet on the unmotivated, which comes from bad results, that team that does not fight for anything else or is in crisis from the president to the wardrobe. Trust is a fundamental thing and the unmotivated don’t have it. Avoid betting on overmotivated teams, as a united group and seeking the same result close to achieve what they want.