In football, the 4 quarters time follow each other very quickly, especially in Pro-A: the 4 times 10 minutes are quickly passed. Particularly watch the turnovers (lost balls) by both teams. Any laxity at the beginning of the match on the ball recovery is often a premonitory sign of an announced defeat: taking care of the ball is fundamental to football. 

At the beginning of Quarter Time, use this information to place a bet live or to correct a pre-game bet. If you have the impression of constantly struggling against time, know that the bookmaker has the same constraints as you: its ratings are constantly reevaluated and it is not uncommon to discover nuggets (value bet in sports betting language). If you are a video game enthusiast then live betting on football is for you. If fast decision making stresses you, opt for pre-match bets or go for quieter sports like turf or golf. A visit to makes things perfect for you.

  1. Never Underestimate The Advantages Of The Field

Resist this temptation for underestimating this importance of the field advantage. Some teams play better at the home than road-trip, but almost all teams in that league tend to play the best ball in the front of local public. It happens to be commonly accepted that the field advantage is about 3 or 4 points over the gap, but it is only a generalization.

Try to look for the team that are on good home runs, the trend does not last forever, you learn to surf the wave before it breaks. Just a little advice, take the time to see if the team game will be broadcast on a national channel or not, if so, the team may take the game all the more seriously.

  1. Expect The Unexpected, Unless You Expect.

In sports bookmaking, odds are calculated by a statistical analysis based on past performances, and there are always “strange” occurrences.

The Houston Rockets can hit a good team of Knicks Road Trip and then go home to be beat by the 76ers. Or, the eternal game academy Spurs can very well embark on a good season by going beat the defending champions, and then undergo an inexplicable series of four losing games (potentially explainable if Kawi Leonard is injured).

What is mean by that is very often the ribs can blind you and push you to omit that yes; any football team has this infuriating habit of producing unexpected results.

  1. Place Your Attention In The Right Places

Each sport compiles a ton of statistics that tend to confuse minds a little. Instead of analyzing each statistic when it comes time to decompose a match, it’s good to focus on the basics, namely:

  • The points written in the racket
  • The rebounds taken
  • Bullet losses

If a team is consistent and effective in these three important facets of the game, you have here the sign of a well-trained club, very concentrated and who heals the simple details (which make the big differences).