In Malaysia and from around the world thousands of online casinos are operating today but you will be surprised to know that many of them are not real and operate with a fake licence. It is very important when you want to play online Casino Malaysia then you must rely on an authentic website which is having the proper licence and operates legally so that you and your money remain safe with them. Let’s take into the article and find out some points that help you to check The authenticity and legitimacy of the particular online Casino.


The photos important thing you must consider while choosing an online Casino is the licence which is mostly available on the home page of any trusted online Casino. On its home page, the online Casino displays its licence logo as its country of origin. So all those websites which are having licence and certificates of origin on their home page are trusted ones as they are serving International Gamblers. All the fake online Casino does not mention their certification or licence on their home page or any part of their website because there are not have any legal certificate to operate any online casino. 

SSL Certificate

Another important factor you can consider to check The authenticity of a particular online casino is to find out the SSL certificate of that site. SSL certificate is the secured socket layer certificate which says that the particular online casinos are actual and not fake and have the legal power to operate. It is advisable to trust that online Casino site only which is having a proper SSL certificate and you should register yourself with that website only. All those online casino websites which do not have proper SSL certificates fake ones and you are not advised to trust them. 

Payout time

All those casinos which are authentic are known for providing instant withdrawals. With the trusted website you will be able to get your money which you win out of batting within 24 hours of placing any withdrawal. Most of the trusted online casinos like casino what is known for providing you with your payout within a week. So to check the city of the particular website you are advised to read out the pay out option and the time taken by the particular website to provide money at their end. 


The customer reviews mentioned on the online Casino website are considered to be the easiest and most authentic way to find out the legitimacy of the particular website. The review made by the real time players about the website helps them to rank and rate high as per their experience with the particular online casino sites which have you to find out the real one. So if you want to play live blackjack online with the trusted website then it is advisable to consider all the factors which we have discussed above to check the legitimacy of the particular online Casino website.