When playing poker, placing a good value bet is essential if you want to take as many chips from your opponents as possible in a hand where you are almost certain that you are going to win it. When making a value bet you want to make the pot as big as possible without scaring your opponent. You have a value bet if you win against your opponent’s calling range more than 50% of the time. With ceme online you can have the best choices.

Place a valuebet

In order to place the most effective value bet, you must be able to analyze the situation in which you are sitting. It is very important to put your opponent on a certain hand strength. If you don’t do this, you risk losing your opponent if you want him to come along. It is also very important not to show that you have a strong hand. Determine if your opponent has a range with a lot of mediocre hands or a lot of weak hands with a few extremely strong hands. Based on the result of this analysis, choose different sizings.

It is also important that you give your opponent the correct Pot Odds when value betting. The Bet should not be too high and not too low. After all, you want your opponent to call. However, this differs per situation and you will have to estimate this yourself. If a player thinks you have the best hand, he will not want to invest much in the pot. However, if your opponent has a few Outs, you can lure your opponent with a small Bet. The disadvantage of this is that your opponent can end up with the best hand, which means you miss the pot.

An example of a value bet

A clear example of value betting is, for example, if you have Ace-Jack and your opponent Ace-Queen. The flop then becomes Ace-5-Jack, a perfect flop for you. You have two pairs and your opponent has the highest pair with a high card next to it. So he will hardly be able to fold on a flop like this.

  • This is an ideal situation to try to take as many chips from your opponent as possible. If you don’t show that you also have a very strong hand, you can trap your opponent. Now, however, the skill comes up to properly value bet. You can learn how to perform a value bet well, just like with bluffing, by practicing a lot. In this situation you should not choose too large a sizing because you block a lot of value, namely the jack and the ace so that the opponent has less chance of having something.
  • Every online poker room is different, so before choosing the right poker room you must first conduct an extensive research. You cannot rely solely on a Review from any site. Everyone has a different opinion and / or taste about an online poker room. So you will have to test a few poker rooms yourself to see which one suits you best.

You will also see that many Poker websites use standard software such as iPoker, Merge Poker, Microgaming, Cake poker & Boss Poker. Only the graphic shell is different from other users of this software. However, the poker website can still differ a lot from each other due to, for example, the languages ​​that are supported & the user support. Not every poker website has Dutch support and the deposit methods that are offered may differ.