That is why we have investigated how that is possible for you. For this we consulted a professional sports bettor who gave us five tips on how to beat bookmakers. The first message we got is that only 2% of all players who place sports bets are profitable in the long term. So it seems we could definitely use some tips.

Based on the Conditions

Focus on extreme conditions Bookmakers base their odds (or odds) on algorithms that take into account a great deal of historical data from matches. In general, the odds of bookmakers are very accurate, but historical data does not say everything about the possible outcome of a match. Because what if the motivation of a team is completely different than normal? What if a team gets two red cards during the game? What if a trainer starts with a lot of other players than usual? In such situations, algorithms can sometimes fail to accurately determine the odds. So concentrate on events and competitions where extreme conditions occur to maximize your chance of winning. As you visit you will get to know a great deal about these Toto sites.

If you want to know more about the best upcoming sports events, you can contact TOTO Extra. Here are the best previews and betting tips to read so you don’t miss a news or event. It is also useful that here an online explanation is given about many of the most common sports terms and tips for betting on specific sports. In the previews, sports connoisseurs look ahead to, for example, important football matches, major tennis tournaments and Grand Prix matches in Formula 1 The betting tips from the previews may help you better bet on sports.

Popular betting options

It differs per sport and per match exactly what bets you can place. It is of course possible to predict a winner in all cases, but there are often dozens of other betting options to choose from.

Live sports betting

Normally, with online bookmakers, you place bets before the game or the race starts. However, it is also possible to bet live on sports in many countries. You can also place bets after the start of the sporting event. Unfortunately, this is not yet allowed according to current gambling legislation. Since the Law on Games of Chance will change from 2020, there is a chance that live betting on sports will be possible when you take a gamble at TOTO.

In live betting you can not only find more different betting options, but it is also useful that the odds are adjusted according to the progress of the duel, match or race. This means choosing a betting option at the right time can result in a significant profit. When this functionality becomes available, it is definitely worth a try.