Hello, friends of the sport. The idea of ​​this article was given to me by the imminent approach of this true royal of tennis, the Grand Slam Australian Open tournament. It’s time to show that in the sports world there is not only football. Not as a show, not as adrenaline, not as a way to make a profit from what we know about this wonderful sport called tennis.

It’s not about free pride, it’s simply the desire to break down some 먹튀 검증 barriers and look in the direction of other sports, and we can’t stay camped, blocked only on football.

Bet on the richest tennis offer

Let me give you a simple argument for this: when a real World Tennis Championship takes place in Melbourne, should we watch Turkmenistan’s football matches and bet on the Congo Championship? It seems very unfair to me for tennis, but also unprofessional for those who bet like that, we tell you openly.

To choose football from a completely unknown championship at the expense of high class tennis, for which the information is much more at hand, seems to me to be totally wrong.

And that’s why? Because we only have to bet on football, because football is my parioristic God? we invite you to think a little more about this aspect. Yes, I’m subjective, we all are. 

Tennis is my favorite sport and the approach of the first major tennis competition of the year, the Australian Open, gives me the adrenaline needed to write about tennis sports betting.

There are many myths to be dismantled in this regard, the most important being: “from betting on tennis you can not make a long-term profit.”

We will reserve the right to disagree with this, and we will try to give you some small tips on how to bet but also to win at tennis bets, which is based on the experience you have. We have a tennis bettor but also a tennis player (amateur, not professional, but player, anyway).

Play tennis, you need to know what the game you are betting on the field is like

Yes, that’s what we want to start with, it’s a neglected aspect when it comes to tennis betting.  To bet successfully it is very important to know the game you want to bet, it is very important to practice it, to feel it, to realize, at least a little, how the players feel when they are with the racket in their hand face to face with an opponent on the other side of the net. Does this aspect seem irrelevant to you? we will contradict you with elegance.

IF you have ever held a tennis racket in your hand and know the game, if you know at least a little how a player feels on the field, if you know how hard it is to execute a shot that looks like a flower on the TV, you can also play sports betting much more aware of the cause.