It can also be called a Dealer. The cards are dealt from your left. It is considered the best position at the table because it is the last to speak post-flop. He has some responsibilities such as distributing the cards and the chips.

Cutoff (CO)

It is the seat to the right of BTN and the second best position since you can cut the dealer that is, bet before him so that you can steal the blinds.

Middle Positions (MP)

In total there are 3 middle positions that come before the CO. They are considered average positions in relation to the ability to score, since they will never be the last to speak but they will not always be the first, and therefore they are neither very good nor very bad.

How to Deal and Play

As in each poker hand players switch positions at the table, at some point or another your moment to be the dealer will arrive. When this happens you must know how to prepare and distribute the cards, which are functions of this position.

There are several variants of bandarqq poker and, when playing, you must choose one of them according to the house and the players. Here we will show you how to deal the cards as a dealer in a hand in Texas Hold’em.

The First Thing to Do

The first thing to do is to shuffle the cards. Poker players are already used to handling and observing cards, and a good deal of shuffling can ensure that other players don’t calculate where certain cards are and thus gain an advantage at the time of the game. So make a good mix of the cards, trying to prevent the ones below from being seen by others. 

Card distribution should be the next step. Each player, starting from the dealer’s right, must win two cards, usually in two succeeding distributions.

The way of distribution varies, there are American, European models, among others. What does not change between them is the fact that whoever is giving the cards should never allow them to be seen by players other than the one to whom the card belongs. In this way, the cards are always facing down, that is, to the table. 

This next action consists of organizing the bets that will be made after the players see their cards, this responsibility is also of the dealer. He must check if everyone will actually bet the amount of chips they said earlier.

  • Fold: folding 
  • Call: accept the big blind
  • Raise: raise the bet that has already been placed

The Next Stage

The next stage only starts if two or more players are still in the round. If this happens, three community cards are dealt, this action is called the flop. After this turn, a new round of betting is made, starting with the first one to the left of the dealer. Everything that happens after opening these cards is called a post-flop.

After this second round of betting, if there are still players left, another community card is called, called a turn. With that, the participants bet once again, as in the previous round.

Last Words

The last phase is when the last community card is opened, called the river. As in other rounds, this only happens if players are still available. If so, they place their bets, and after that, everyone who is still showing shows their cards, this moment is called a showdown. That way, you can see who won from the hand ranking.