The casino is a public room or building where gambling and betting games are played. There are three types of casinos: Online casino, live or land-based casino and download based casino. Online casino is a broader term, as it includes different types of games run by an RNG (random number generator) and live casino is usually a part of online casinos.

Major differences between live and online casino:

  1. Dealing-The online casino is a game with the machine that uses RNG (random number generator) while Live casino is the type of casino that is played with live dealers.
  1. Means of playing:The online casino is played through electronic means, with no proper code of conduct and not knowing the people you are playing with, live casino involves you playing with players to communicate and interact with and requires you maintain proper decorum.
  1. Location-The online version of the casino allows you to play from anywhere in the world, you just need an electronic device with an internet connection and you will be able to join a private casino game. Thus online casino involves playing in a pressure-free environment. The live casino needs the gamblers to be present at the venue, where you can properly experience the game.
  1. Cost-Live casinospends much higher than online casinos as it involves overhead costs, involving paying the live dealers, the system requirements need to be checked and there needs to be a basic investment for live casinos. On the other hand, online casinos are more fun as it involves lesser cost, it thus offers more promotional offers and some online casinos even offer a signup bonus that pays you for joining it.
  1. Development-There can be developed in the field of online casinos until technology keeps on upgrading. While live casino has a set standard that is being followed for many years and no such development has been made in the field rather than infrastructure.
  1. Players-Usually online casino players play by themselves or with bots of the game when no online user is present, while in live casino the gambler plays with a real dealer and with real people.
  1. Experience-While live casinos are all about maintaining your composure as you play in front of your opponents and any action of yours might help them win, in online casinos, you play pressure-free as you play behind a screen and no one usually knows what you are thinking. The following of the proper code of conduct and behaviour along with the rules is important while playing live casinos as compared to online casinos.
  1. Safety-Though online casinos have become safe and reliable over the years, there is still an increasing concern about theft or cheating. While playing the live casinoyou know that following the rules you will be playing on equal grounds of fairness.


Both online and live casinos have their advantage and disadvantages and players may choose what to play according to what they want in a casino game. For example, if a person’s priority is comfort, he will consider online casino while a person wanting to experience the game would want to go and play live casino.