Being aware of how difficult it would be to fit players who enter to play in a live casino in within just a few groups with a sociological profile, we will try in the article (based on our experience with many players) to define those that we consider they would be the main profiles of live roulette player in our country. Of course, any of these profiles is very respectable, and our description could be a bit exaggerated. We are also sure that there are many other possible player profiles. Because, after all, each of us is unique and follow different parameters when it comes to enjoying live casino games.

The instinctive player

All of us in any aspect of our lives can act on instinct. And in many cases, the result of following a feeling or acting on impulse can give us very good results. When it comes to playing live casino like joker888, the vast majority of us have also made a bet on a number or a combination, purely following our instincts with the certainty that this was going to be our lucky bet, well to continue a good streak or to cut a bad one.

The Talkative Player 

Surely you know immediately what kind of live casino player we are talking about. It is the user who talks very often with the dealer or with other players at the same game table, but he does not do it only to exchange opinions or impressions about the development of the game. In fact, on the vast majority of occasions, he does it to talk about his personal life, his family experiences, his plans for the weekend, or to ask other tablemates or even the dealer how they are doing in their lives.

The Quiet Player

On the contrary, for every super talkative player, there is also a player who can spend hours playing at the same table without opening his mouth and saying nothing. In some cases, calling them “quiet” players falls short because it would seem that we are talking about ” ghost players. “

The expert player

We are talking here about the true specialist, the one who knows everything about the world of roulette, blackjack or baccarat. Although in the case of roulette we can all look the same, pending the indications of the dealer and the spin of the roulette wheel, there are always those who remind us that we are before a true expert who knows everything about the universe of this casino game.