Online blackjack isn’t going away soon. The game has supported numerous thousands of offline and online gamers with some of the most entertaining gambling encounters available to humanity. You’re going to be hard-pressed to find any casino game that can give you such a wonderful time as online blackjack in NZ can do. If you play in free play mode, we will make sure you dislike this game as online blackjack has been developed to play with real money.

New Zealanders have always been fond of playing blackjack online. The thrill that comes with getting a few good hands and walking away with the win is irreplaceable. Times have made it easier to find and best at some of the best online casinos offering blackjack. 

With the advent of the internet, it has become easier than ever before to play your favorite variation of blackjack at the best blackjack online casinos. Just think about it, to enjoy a quick round of 21 all you have to do is log on via your mobile device or desktop, and voila! you’re enjoying your game. No lines, no waiting, all from the convenience of your home.

Forget about all the hassles that come with having to physically travel to a land-based casino. Online casinos are here to eliminate that stress and let you just simply enjoy your game of blackjack. So why has online blackjack taken over the industry which such a force? Let’s take a look at why you should be playing blackjack at the best online casinos.

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Rules Of The Game 

Named 21 in certain parts of the world, blackjack is a simple-looking game between players and dealers. In other words, players don’t have to fight against each other but try to defeat the dealer at the casino. The goal of the game is to get a total card higher than the dealers. But the card doesn’t have to be over 21, it sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it?

Bear in mind that if your card hits 21, that means you’ve lost the betting round. The game can involve several players, each playing against a dealer. Usually, between 2 and 8 regular decks, comprising of 52 cards.

After each player has a 2-card hand, they face the chance to get the ‘hit’ again and can call for extra cards. If the hand is equal to or less than 21 and the dealer loses, the player wins. Cards will be dealt until 17 cards have been dealt. If the player and dealer have the same score, the dealer will either win or lose.

The best hand a player will get is an Ace that can be counted as 1 or 11 and a 10-point card. This hand is known as the strongest or blackjack that means that the player wins immediately. If the player and dealer both get 21, their player can get their bet back.

This is a chance game, but employing the right strategy will significantly improve the likelihood of victory against the casino. This is one of the most popular blackjack tactics.

Leading Software and Software Developers

With new advancements in technologies over the last decade, online blackjack games have been updated multiple times. Some of the industry’s top software developers have made sure that players get the best visuals, sounds and have no reason to miss land-based casinos. 

New Zealanders can feel safe playing blackjack at the best online casino because these casinos only provide software from leading software providers. All of their games have been tested for fairness and randomness by a slew of in-house and third-party auditors.

Live Dealers 

While we love online blackjack just the way they are. Some players want to have the experience of a physical casino, to solve this issue software developers have created “Live Dealer Games”. We understand that regular online blackjack might not be doing it for every player. Live dealer blackjack brings players all the glitz and glam of playing at a land-based casino from the comfort of your home.

These games usually have a professional dealer dealing the cards on a real table. The dealers control the game and ask players how they would like to bet and other questions. The dealers are usually either live streaming from a live casino or a specially made studio for the games. 

What’s in it for players? Well, they will get a very clear view of the action from their sofa and interact with the dealers either via voice chat or text. Unique card chips, along with a   fast video stream, guarantee that these games are fair.

Live blackjack at our recommended casinos is also governed by the same trusted authorities that certify Random Number Generation (RNG) software titles. There are a few variants of blackjack available in this way, but they are mainly based on the standard European version.

Playing Real Money Online Blackjack

Finding a place to play real money blackjack is not a challenge, finding a reputable location,  can be. Understanding where to go to find the latest details on where to play NZ online blackjack is different. That’s why the sites like were created. 

They’re concentrating their attention on online blackjack and New Zealand casinos and reviewing the best online casinos to play at. Giving players an inside look into the dark cloud that is the online gambling industry.

Experience in the industry plays a lot in the process of finding the best real money online blackjack casino. The casinos are offering up real money blackjack which gives players a chance to win some free money while enjoying themselves. 

Online Blackjack Bonuses

The promotions you see are all realistic and come with conditions that do not hinder your gameplay, nor do you expect unreasonably high demands when clearing the Blackjack bonus money you earn with your initial deposits. 

That alone eliminates a huge part of the frustration many players feel for the first time. You can be confident that all of the casinos we’ve put together for you can give you a wonderful time playing blackjack online and do it in a fun, easy-to-use atmosphere that focuses on excitement, quality sports, quality apps, and a great support system that’s in place every time you need it.

By registering a new casino account today, placing your initial deposit, and claiming your Bonus Offer, you’ll taste world-class excitement in seconds. Choose any of New Zealand’s online blackjack sites and begin your adventure of  21 and blackjack excellence.