If you can be in a situation where the stakes are high enough to compensate for the losses of other bets, you will make a profit.Bookmakers are not fully insured by those using Fibonacci. Let’s take as an example the goal market and with him the top scorer of the 2018/19 season in Europe: Messi.

The Use of the Best Team

Barcelona will host Atletico Madrid at Camp Nou for the Spanish Championship and as you can see Lionel Messi receives a 3.75 odd from bet365 to score the first goal of the match.

The Argentine has scored 32 goals in the competition so far after 30 rounds, and 12 of those goals were the first goals scored in a match, giving 40% of his total goals. Converting odd 3.75 as a percentage is 26%, and so we have a value bet, since the frequency of the bet occurred 40% of the time and the houses are saying that it happens 26%. In the 검증사이트 sites you can have all the supports.

Not only do we have a value bet here, but one of great value to the Fibonacci strategy. But some things to keep in mind:

  • How often does Messi score the first goal at Camp Nou?
  • How often does Messi score the first goal at Atletico Madrid at Camp Nou?
  • How often does Atletico Madrid take First Goal? And as a visitor?

More and more questions come up, and the better those answers, the more value this bet has for you and the Fibonacci strategy.

If you were betting that Messi would score the first goal of the match whenever he played in the current Spanish season, you would not have gone more than four games without him scoring the first goal, because that is exactly what happened. If this odd was always at least 2,618, you had something very good here.

And the examples may follow

An aggressive handicap can serve, betting on many or few goals, corner markets and cards, no matter which market you are betting on, the important thing is that you have a long history event with arguments through numbers (or irrational) to find something of value to your Fibonacci sequence.

Something that cannot be ignored by any gambler who takes this activity seriously is knowing how to use Expected Goals, or in some cases Expected Goals.

If you don’t know what it is, Expectated Goals, or simply xG, is a technological tool that explains a soccer game through statistics. This is not only used by bookmakers, there is an internal use by football clubs that serve to shape drills and even casts.The xG is a performance indicator, considering that a shot (head or finish) has a chance of entering the goal or not.