If, Betfair is the leader it is not only because it is the oldest of the betting exchanges. It is mainly thanks to its range of sports to trade like Football, Tennis, Horse Racing, Ice Hockey, Darts, MMA, etc. It’s simple, it is possible to trade almost any sport, as long as there is sufficient liquidity and you what would you like to trade? In  case of the 먹튀검증 this is very important.

Exchange volumes: liquidity

On a betting exchange we said it is the users who make the odds. It is therefore important that there is a large number of users to supply and balance the market as much as possible.

What sets Betfair apart from the competition once again is its liquidity . There is no way around it! If there is not enough liquidity, trading is a difficult task. On a betting exchange , your odds may take a while to be purchased. That’s because someone has to match your bet at the other end. The more liquidity there is, the faster the transaction should be.

Betfair Betting Exchange Liquidity

This screenshot of the Belgium – Scotland match shows you the liquidity of the market. Thus, in this example, it is possible to buy the Back at at 1.17 for a maximum amount of $ 12,045 before the next price at at 1.16 is offered for sale.


Betting exchanges earn money by taking a commission from your trades. Most often only on winning trades.

Betfair Betting Exchange Cotes Belgium – Scotland

Here on Betfair you can see if, I Lay Belgium for 100 €, my profit will not be 100, but 93.63 € because Betfair will charge me 6.37% commission on my profits. In case of loss, I would have a dead loss of 1.18 x 100 = € 18. No commission will be taken on my losses.

Each betting exchange sets its own commission rate.

Table Betting Exchange Liquidity Commission

You should now have a better understanding of what betting exchanges are and how they work. They all have the same function of allowing odds exchange, via Back and Lay . Betfair is the leader, but Matchbook , the youngest , also has arguments. Liquidity is only improving on the various exchanges which makes them more and more competitive.

In many cases your choice will depend mainly on your geographic constraints, namely on which betting exchange can you open an account from your country of residence? To legally get around the restrictions, you can find out more here. Good Trades and Good Profits.